Browse Indian baby names for girls starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Vachana Speech, utterance. Female Add
Vagdevi Goddess of speech. Female Add
Vageshwari Goddess of speech. Female Add
Vagmi Eloquent. Female Add
Vaidehi Daughter of Videha. Female Add
Vaijayanti Banner of victory. Female Add
Vaijayantimala Garland of victory. Female Add
Vaikhari Speech. Male/Female Add
Vaishali Magnificent. Female Add
Vaishnavi Devotee of Vishnu. Female Add
Vajra Thunderbolt, diamond. Male/Female Add
Vajrasara As strong as a diamond. Female Add
Valkala Garment made of bark. Female Add
Vallabha Beloved. Female Add
Vallabhi Beloved. Female Add
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