Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with D

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Daksha Expert, skillful. Male/Female Add
Daman Lightning. Male Add
Damodar One who wears a string around his waist. Male Add
Daneesh Liberal. Male Add
Darshan Appearance, visible. Male Add
Daruk Name of the deodhar tree. Male Add
Dashrath Ten chariots. Male Add
Dayal Compassionate, merciful. Male Add
Dayanidhi Abode of mercy. Male/Female Add
Deepak Illuminating, a lamp. Male Add
Deepit Illuminated. Male Add
Devdas Servant of god. Male Add
Devika Little goddess. Male Add
Dhairya Courage. Male/Female Add
Dhananjay Conqueror of wealth. Male Add
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