Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Gabhasti A ray of light. Male/Female Add
Gadadhar One who weilds the mace. Male Add
Gadin One who weilds the mace. Male Add
Gagan Sky. Male Add
Gahan Deep, impassable. Male Add
Gajanan Elephant faced. Male Add
Gajanand The joy of elephants. Male Add
Gajendra Lord of elephants. Male Add
Gambhir Serious, deep. Male Add
Ganapati Lord of the ganas. Male Add
Gandhar Fragrance. Male Add
Gandharv Celestial musician. Male Add
Gandhik Fragrant. Male Add
Gandiv Whose sound causes terror. Male Add
Gandivin Bearer of the Gandiv. Male Add
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