Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with H

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Halayudha One whose weapon is a plough. Male Add
Haldhar One who carries a plough. Male Add
Hansaj Son of a swan. Male Add
Hansin Universal Soul. Male Add
Hansnad Call of a swan. Male Add
Hanspal Lord of swans. Male Add
Hansraj King of swans. Male Add
Hanuman Mighty-jawed. Male Add
Hanumesh Lord of Hanuman. Male Add
HarGovind Shiva and Vishnu combined. Male Add
HarMohan One who enchants Shiva. Male Add
Haradev Lord of destruction. Male Add
Harendra Lord of destruction. Male Add
Hari Greenish-yellow. Male Add
HariBhadra As handsome as Vishnu. Male Add
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