Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with I

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Ibhanan Elephant-faced. Male Add
Ikshav Sugarcane. Male Add
Ikshu Sugarcane. Male/Female Add
Ikshul Bringer of sweetness. Male Add
Ikshvaku Desirable. Male Add
Inder Lord of gods. Male Add
Inderjit Conqueror of Indra. Male Add
Indivar Collection of blue lotuses. Male Add
IndraTejas Lustrous as Indra. Male Add
Indraghosh Thunderous voice. Male Add
Indragiri High mountain. Male Add
Indraj Son of Indra. Male Add
Indranil Sapphire. Male Add
Indrasen Commander of Indra's army. Male Add
InduBhushan One who wears the moon as an ornament. Male Add
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