Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with L

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Lahari A wave. Male/Female Add
Lakshabhi To mark. Male Add
Lakshan A mark, token. Male Add
Lakshith To observe. Male Add
Lakshman One who has auspicious marks. Male Add
Lakshmikant Beloved of Lakshmi. Male Add
Lakshmipati Husband of Lakshmi. Male Add
Lalit Playful. Male Add
Lambodar Pot-bellied. Male Add
Laskshmish Lord of Lakshmi. Male Add
Lav Small particle. Male Add
Likhith Written. Male Add
Lohit Red, copper. Male Add
Lohitaksh Red eyed. Male Add
Lohitashva Fire. Male Add
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