Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with M

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Madan Intoxicating, delighting. Male Add
Madangopal Delightful cowherd. Male Add
Madanmohan One who attracts. Male Add
Madanpal Lord of love. Male Add
Madhav Sweet, spring. Male Add
Madhavik Collector of honey. Male Add
Madhu Sweet, honey, spring. Male/Female Add
Madhuchandra Sweet moon. Male Add
Madhudeep Lamp of spring. Male Add
Madhujit Conqueror of Madhu. Male Add
Madhuk Honey bee. Male Add
Madhukar Maker of sweetness. Male Add
Madhul Sweetness. Male Add
Madhur Sweet, honey, melodious. Male/Female Add
Madhusudan Destroyer of Madhu. Male Add
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