Browse Indian baby names for boys starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Favs
Vachan Speech, utterance. Male Add
Vagesh Eloquent. Male Add
Vageshwar Master of speech. Male Add
Vagmin Eloquent. Male Add
Vaidyanath Lord of doctors. Male Add
Vaijayant Banner of victory. Male Add
Vaikhari Speech. Male/Female Add
Vainav Flute. Male Add
Vaishal Magnificent. Male Add
Vaishnav Devotee of Vishnu. Male Add
Vajra Thunderbolt, diamond. Male/Female Add
Vajrajit Conqueror of Inder. Male Add
Vajrin One whose weapon is Vajra. Male Add
Valkal Garment made of bark. Male Add
Vallabh Beloved. Male Add
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